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DNA necklace

So, I think I have cracked the structure of the necklace.


On the the left is the first version. The backbones curly beautifully, but the cross links are too short. This pulls everything out of line. Making the cross link longer as the example in the middle shows gives everything room to move into the correct place.
The loom shows the lay out of the bands to make this design.
It is made the same way the curly triples are made in last weeks post. The increasing loops are placed on the parallel pegs. The cross links are put on at the same time; Looped on the next round and hooked off the peg towards the mid line. The increase loop comes every third band, and the links every sixth round.

This image shows the second version in more detail. It has been partially unwound so that the cross links can be more easily seen. The strand was left half finished on the loom for a few days and so had a straight bit in it for a while, that required a bit of manipulation a.

I still haven’t decided on the colour way. Using the repeat of three colours is useful to keep track of the structure, however it’s a bit overpowering.

I’ll edit this post as I progress in this project.


Turning corners

Usually when I get interested in a new technique I want to push the limits as far as possible. It keeps me from getting bored. So far I’ve been making bracelets and necklaces from tubes of bands. Up to a certain dimension the tubes have enough flexibility to curve enough to go around a neck or wrist. But if you want more control you need to be able to creat bends in your work Read the rest of this entry »

Show your work

Every week I try and have something nice and coherent to post here, which means that I don’t all ways manage to post something even though I have something planned. This week I am going to post the bits and pieces that I have gone so you can see what an mix and match my life is

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The queue and other English-isms

This is going to be a post in progress, so bare with me please.
I’ve been doing some drawing while in sw19, which has been frequently interrupted by rain and following quaint local customs. But I’ll attempt to document my progress here. Read the rest of this entry »

Horatio, formally known as Geoff…

A hippo has settled in at Wimbledon in time for this years Championships.
He is there to ensure the ground staff keep the lawns in tip top condition and that the queue doesn’t get too rowdy.


Here he is bedding down for the weekend.
The pyramid he is swimming in has the same volume of the 54,250 tennis balls used during the championship. All these balls have a combined weight equal to an adult male hippo.

He hasn’t got the feet for taking selfies so here is the next best thing…


You can follow Geoff Horatio @wimbledonhippo if that is the kind of thing you like to do.
Or you can visit him in person every morning in the queue, or otherwise by appointment.

The latest craze

I have succumbed to the the latest craze that is sweeping though the under tens – making accessories from multicoloured rubber bands.

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On our way to Wimbledon

My big hippo project over the last couple of months has been for Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum’s Community Art Project 2014. In case you are wondering – the project was about Tennis Balls. It turns out that all the balls used during Wimbledon fortnight weigh the same as an adult hippo. So it makes perfect sense to create Geoff#3 who is finally realised. Tomorrow his head will be off to join his body at Church Road and await for the the Championship to start. Read the rest of this entry »

War wounds

Chicken wire is vicious stuff. You should see my shins!

In our cups

Water plants: the Hippo’s environment

As well as a Hippo I have been making some water plants to accompany big Geoff.
Water lettuce is a native of the waterways of Central Africa. Water hyacinth, however, is an invasive, introduced species. It does have pretty lavender flowers though.

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