Hello world!

by maggie

Well that was hardly an original greeting.

While if not terribly literate, I am computer sarcastic, and a paid up member of the long tail. My main technical competencies matured many hundreds of years ago. And I pick and choose the new skills I acquire.

It’s taken me roughly four years for the inclination to publish a blog to come to fruition. It’s been only this summer that a) I’ve come to some understanding about what I want to talk about and b) had a reason to interact with other’s in the blog sphere (More about that in a later post.).

Here I was outline my interests and the subjects I hope to discuss.

I self identify as a weaver, although due to RL issues I haven’t practised in a while. My practice has lead me to contemplate the process of acquisition, maintenance and transmission of skill, mediated by close contact with a variety of crafts people.

Today I turn my hand instead to reviving other decorative arts picked up in childhood and I may discuss my struggles with them as concrete examples of more theoretical considerations.

My posts will therefore consist mainly of contemplation of the above subjects, as well as anything else in my life I consider worth plundering.