How ‘A Map of Hyper-space’ got it’s name

by maggie

This blog is named after a huge embroidery project I have on the go. My grandmother brought back from Palestine in the early ‘40s a piece of canvas measuring almost 1 x 2 meters.

Over ten years ago I started a project using this fabric, dividing it up into 99 rectangles. However I wasn’t really sure what where I was going next. It sat on a shelf until recently.  Now I have a clearer idea of where it’s going.

You can’t really map hyper-space, what ever it might be. Like wise with this project. It has a few internal rules concerning what happens where, but apart from that it’s a reflexive work in progress.

Three months worth of work filling in the space.

Each rectangle is a different pattern. I’m going to have to think of 99 of them.

Each over lapping diaper is a different colour scheme.

Then you have the circles to change the rules.

It’s all done in tent stitch.

Once I’ve done either end I’m going to have to get a frame to work in the centre.


Some day it might even be finished. Then I can use it as a shroud.