by maggie

I went away and now I’m back again and it all took much longer than I thought it would. I took my film camera because it has a zoom and because I was inspired by the MA show I attended. Below the cut is a composite picture as I’m rarely content with anything simple.

small cliffs enclosing ferns

The southern end of the earthquake – entrance to a maze

Allegedly a bit of the island shifted down the hill a couple of metres at the same time as the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. Bits fall off the island all the time, it’s not very big and it suffers a lot of weather.

I first visited the island two years ago when my life was in little pieces and this bit of geography had a great affect on me. The island, managed by the Landmark Trust, is a surreal experience in itself. So not only did I agree to write up an objective trip report, I’m also working through my impressions of the place as part of my attempt to create a very personal interpretation of the landscape. I wish I had more time and more settled weather to really work on some of the views. Here’s another one of my attempts.

b/w photo of castle and the bottom of beach road

View from Lametor showing the castle and the bottom of beach road

I’m over my culture shock on re-entry to the 21st century (Ikea on a Sunday afternoon helped). The last big marker of the year flying by has passed. It’s time to face up to things yet again and get back on track…

I’ll have more to say about the Earthquake and the rest of the island at a more suitable hour.