An Alphabet for Clive

by maggie

As I have mentioned part of the motivation for creating this blog was because a friend encouraged me to enter an online exhibition.

The prompt is to create a black and white alphabet. I chose the theme of geography and completed most of the 26 drawing relatively quickly.

I’ve only recently got in contact with the organiser and finalised the designs and lay out of the text. The fiddly boring bits. I guess it’s the fiddly boring bits that separate the ‘men from the boys’.

Here are some images that didn’t get past the final cut or are only parts of a final image.


A black and white marbling, also part of the final image

Part of one element that goes to make up the finished image. In this instance – G is for Geyser. I had fun experimenting with new techniques.

Looking at lots of examples and sketching them is one way at getting at the essence of a thing.

Here’s another line drawing waiting for some flat colour to be added.

I didn’t go with this chalk drawing because I was advised that the alternative was more creepy

A Xenolith is an intrusive foreign rock. This image is more marbling