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Month: November, 2012

Seasons Greeting III – the little things

Here’s an example of the finished cards.

a sample card

I learnt a lot printing these, not least why there are two printers in a shop and why you have dedicated drying areas.

I might add more to this post but not right now.

Here’s a collage; from back when I was sorting out the design.

compare the ivy leaves to the final design, oops!

compare the ivy leaves to the final design, oops!

I’m rather tired of all these, but I still some have to send out.



Seasons Greetings – II

Seasons greetings – I

Seasons greetings – I

Last year I was commissioned to make some greetings cards. I was working at the time with collage. So I used that method, it took forever. So this year I’m doing prints. It’s still over complicated and fiddly, but I’m learning. The next post is a gallery of the story so far. I’ve built in a bit of flexibility to the design. I’ve also made mistakes.

When I make my print run I’ll post some of the finished items too. I never send greetings cards my self, so these posts will have to stand instead for those who feel they might be missing out.

Last years design was baubles. This year it’s holly and ivy. Next year snowflakes? I’ve got a few ideas…