Seasons Greetings – II

by maggie

Once you’ve chosen the theme, get things down on paper. This shows up the challenges ahead and the opportunities.

because holly is such an evocative image, I wanted to add the ivy to the composition to change the emphasis (I also like the ivy berries).

The size and proportions of the card was decided early on, 1/3 A4. Folded in half you’d normally only see half the image… I just had to work out how to arrange it.

THe sketch on the right shows a workable arrangement of holly leaves, ivy in the background and scattered berries. Observational drawing and collage gives a possible arrangement of ivy leaves


Once the basic lay out is decided, you have to get the spacing and confidence of the line right. I wasn’t happy with the berries, but they seem to come in 3s in illustrations.


the ivy leaves aren’t symmetrical so have to be worked around the holly. Also the ivy berries have escaped the corner they were originally pinned into (they’ll be on the ‘black’ block).


Here are the line and solid holly leaf proofs. THe design isn’t symmetrical so you have to take care to register them properly. The holly berries are done with a little colour ink pad so they don’t come any bigger and the berries seem a bit lost.

I realised as I started cutting the ivy leaves that I hadn’t reversed it. My excuse – the design was on tracing paper… So the mock up on the right is was I planned; the actually proof is on the left. I’m much happier with the holly berries here, and their possisioning is much closer to nature.