A Map of Hyper-space – an end in sight

by maggie

Sitting and stitching and the brain wanders.

I have finished the bottom hem

I have finished the bottom hem

I’ve finished the bottom hem. And am now working across the top. Once I’ve done both end I can fix up a frame and work anywhere within reason.

I’ve got a PLAN – it’s tentivite and shifting: but there are rules [ what goes where].

So I was sitting and stiching and thinking about exhibiting the piece…

Not when it’s finished because that’ll be decades yet, but as a work in progress with other bits of my stuff! [What stuff I hear you ask – indeed.]


A M o H is much more than whatever it is going to be when it’s finished. It’s the journey, the discovery, all that cliqued stuff.

There’s much to be made sense of – I’ve inherited all thses clours. They seem randomy labled now with manufacturers changing numbers over the decades. Slowly with the help of old Shade cards I’ve worked out what are current colours and what’s be discontinued. I’ve also got to find 99 distinct paterns to fill the sections. I’m learning about the stitching as I go too – arranging the pattern on the fabric, as the stitch is always the same, planing it out makes it more effiecent to work.

There’s a SF book called Bable- 17 by S. Delaney, it’s his discription of traveling through Hyper Space that sits at the back of my mind as I work on this project. Some how the back of the work is more interesting than the front.

always keep the back tidy

always keep the back tidy

As I work, I wonder, without resorting to any more essays than necessary, how I can share more than what the eventual finished product will look like.