Pebbles – An Introduction

by maggie

This years adventure in Alphabets wasn’t the first time I’d dallied in Geography. A few years ago I took some Introductory courses in Printing at City Lit, London. I thought I should turn up with some kind of plan from day one, to make the most of the teacher’s time. Pebbles are simple and at the same time infinitely complex.

three colour pebbles

three colour pebbles

At their most basic illustrating a pebble is a closed loop, positioned on a background; content and arrangement is everything. Pebbles were once part of some mountain, weathered off and eroded away. Their subsequent life and original rock type determine their ultimate fate.

I enjoyed the print classes, but found that multi-plate mono-prints gave me the most satisfaction. This however wasn’t very practical for print runs. Currently I’m making collage to explore pebble space while I work out a less frustrating printing technique.

Here are some more pebbles.