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Month: March, 2013

Some Windows


Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night

A picture is framed, by nothing more than the edge of the supporting medium. Making a window of the picture adds an extra layer of interpretation to the picture. The picture plane is not infinite. Having to look though a window changes what you see in a picture. Standing inside, looking out. Looking in standing outside. There’s an extra layer between you and the view. Read the rest of this entry »


The Stone Barge


Many years ago Dad made the Barge of Stones. It appeared one day in the clutter of his studio. There were always interesting bits of wood littering the house,  rescued from his time working in Exhibitions at Kew (the Botanic Gardens). He had stood up a semicircle of pitch pine and secured to it’s deck with string and kindling some of our extensive pebble collection. It wasn’t much of a thing, yet it put me in mind of an Egyptian model boat taken from some tomb. Those barges took their cargos into the afterlife. They had both a mysterious destination and freight.



For many years our boat sailed serenely on window sill until Mum took it apart because no one was doing anything with it… which is an unnerving propensity for anyone to have, let alone a mother. Things like the Stone Barge don’t have to have a use, and it’s constituent parts certainly don’t.

So the Barge of Stones is no more, it sails on only in my memory and imagination; maybe now it will sail on on yours.

Stick the code into the  Museum number and Provenance search to find out more about the model. I leave it as an exercise for the student for more information about Egyptian funerals if they care to.

Blue Glasses


Since January I’ve been waiting for my blue glasses. The are meant to make reading easier. Finally now that they have arrived I‘ve found they do make things I wouldn’t have read easier. However they don’t make sitting down and writing any more straight forward. I’ve got so many things doing around in my head it’s hard to separate them out enough to be a coherent statement.

While I’ve been away I’ve been helping a friend will an exhibition, watching the snow fall, going for walks, trying to edit a newsletter and visiting various exhibitions. Above all I’ve been trying to make some sense of the stew that is my mind and then remember that I’ve done it.


It never seizes to amaze me how hard I find this writing malarky. However I do have a pile of posts I’m busy composing so I’ll endeavour to post them soon.