by maggie

Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night

A picture is framed, by nothing more than the edge of the supporting medium. Making a window of the picture adds an extra layer of interpretation to the picture. The picture plane is not infinite. Having to look though a window changes what you see in a picture. Standing inside, looking out. Looking in standing outside. There’s an extra layer between you and the view.

I’ve grown up I realise with many window pictures but it’s only now that I’ve put it all together. There are many kind of windows, and which one it is that you are looking through changes on some level the nature of what you care looking at. It also put the human right in the foreground regardless of what you’re looking at.

You could, I suppose, also put something unusual outside your window.

Also after two years I’ve put some distance between me and these windows, with their view. I can think about what they mean to me, or even if they still hold revelence. What ever they did mean to me, they most mean something different.

Some Windows is a collection of windows and pictures accumulated over the years.