Earthquake – a progress report

by maggie

Last autumn i talked about my visit to Lundy and how an area there called the Earthquake affected me the first time I visited the island. I’ve wanted to tell a story about the place and how it made me feel and occasionally little bits of the project come together. Not only do you have to formulate an image in your head, you have to get it down on paper (or screen).

I’ve been thinking about the destruction of Lisbon in 1975 which, tradition has it, also formed this area on Lundy. The traumatic event made it’s mark on the European conscience at the time and the story of earthquake fire and tidal wave still resonates down the ages. I have been considering including a snatch of the story within my own.

Whether or not the appearance of fissures on Lundy were directly related to this event, they certainly belay the concept that the land is permanent. The disturbance today looks much the same as it did a hundred years ago.

Here are some images I’ve cooked up over the intervening months since the last post on this subject. I feel I’m still at an early stage: i can’t even decide what format to use. Landscape seems right for breath and depth, but i want height to get the feeling of the earth opening up beneath!

Last autumn I had problems with my camera, so i didn’t spend nearly enough time in the Earthquake itself. I won’t be returning to Lundy until 2014 so I just have to keep making it up as I go along.