Drawing in the Rain?

by maggie

This weekend we are off to Llanberis. It doesn’t seem that the hot weather will be going with us, so I’ve been thinking about drawing in the rain.

As well as managing media in the damp, there’s also the problem of when to work. There have been discussions about what walks to take, or whether to dodge from Pete’s Eats to Outside and back all weekend. I have an idea of were we might be going so I am doing to try and anticipate what images I might want to record. (I am learning from the experience I write about here.)

I’m trying to take a minimalist approach and not take loads of materials I wont use –  I’ve seem to have had enough practice at that this summer. So it’s going to be back to pencils and tones. Here is an image from the last time I was in Snowdonia (actually Ogwen) – it’s a quick sketch of Cwm Tryfan, looking up to the west aspect of Bwlch Tryfan and Bristly Ridge.

Cwm Tryfan in spring

Cwm Tryfan in spring

As you can see it’s an old drawing, were I’m just beginning to work with tone. It was a very over cast day and the palette was subdued, but it wasn’t actually raining at that moment. I was attempting to record the arrangement of the mountains rather than the tone of the rock and turf. The light was very flat (which I like) and from what I remember the land was much darker than I’ve portrayed it – but none of it was really dark in the defuse light.

Of course I expect it to be raining at the week end, which will throw up more problems than challenging lighting conditions. Will I want to stop at all? Will the sketch just run off the page? Lets hope the sketch book I’ve packed will be up to the job. If I have time this afternoon I may practice.

Only time will tell.


I haven’t forgotten or abandoned Lewes Castle, Gower. I’m struggling with balancing accurate representation and my emotional, intuitive response to the location.