Still live?

by maggie

This week has been quite tough.
I have been working on my still-lifes, but it has taken the imminent posting of this post to assemble them for the first time. I’ve been thinking about frame sizes and shading when I really need to just put things on paper (and the cutting out takes hours). Anyway…

I’m most happy with this first one.

I will probably add some modelling to the glass etc before I finish it up.

This page is much bigger than A4 so the image needs trimming.

The bowl is too large for the number of flowers. They are amazingly fiddly and never stay where you put them. I’m not painting another 50 as ultramarine is my least favourite colour and I only used it because I was testing things. However I do want them to overflow and spill everywhere.

Here my original ideas of the collages. As you can see they are are a lot more detailed than the quick assemblages that I have made so far.

Bottom right is an idea for a b/w extravagance probably A1 in size. I’ve still got a long way to go to get enough flowers for it

Lots more cutting and assembling to do.

Anyway all I can say is roll on February.