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Talking not Doing

Month: February, 2014

There is nothing new under the sun


I have been sorting though all my boxes and note books. This is a page from almost 20 years ago. I can almost remember the feeling of frustration and apprehension about what I would be doing after graduation.

The next day was much the same as the previous one alas. We can only keep on trying to change things for the better everyday, each day.



Live still

Now that my new shiny pills and I have arrived at some sort of consensus I have managed to do something constructive. Not as much as I had hoped, but it beats sleeping on the sofa all day and climbing the walls with insomnia all night.

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Anchor Colour Cards

I’ve acquired a lot of old embroidery cottons in my quest to finish A Map of Hyper-space. Some time in the mid 20th century anchor renumbered all its colours which makes comparisons a bit tricky, they also seem to be constantly tinkering with the colour range as well. But luckily… Read the rest of this entry »