Live still

by maggie

Now that my new shiny pills and I have arrived at some sort of consensus I have managed to do something constructive. Not as much as I had hoped, but it beats sleeping on the sofa all day and climbing the walls with insomnia all night.

So here are the black and white flowers beginning to be assembled into units for a big bouquet.


It’s all surprisingly fiddly…
Along time ago I remember making flowers from crepe paper and I thought I’d include some in this composition. I was aiming for poppies but the first lot came out more like dog roses – too much forward planning. I guess what makes each flower different is the exact shape of the petal. I think I got it by the time I made the black ones, so I need to go back and adjust all the white ones when my hands are more steady. And maybe they should be cut out with the stretch of the crepe going the other way


I’ve also been pondering what other flora to include. Some honesty seed pods. More foliage – the poppies have great stems. I’m worried it’ll all get too 3D.

Onwards and upwards – slowly, slowly catchy monkey


I had a go finishing some the flower pictures. Not terribly successfully however. As all the flowers are face on it makes them look a bit weird. I’m disappointed with the vase as well. It looks much better digital, where you can play with the exposure.

And the lighting.