by maggie

Something’s I like to put in order. Either because it is more convenient, or because it is pleasing. My books are sorted loosely by genera and size, but other things are sorted by colour.
This antique display case has most of my collection of stranded cotton threads. I spent a happy day on Monday sorting them all.


As I have thirty or so colour choices to make for A Map of Hyperspace it’s much easier now I have all my colours in one place. I don’t have all of the current range, but I have some that have been discontinued for decades.
The bottom shelf is not Anchor threads, on the left is DMC and the right is a small selection of threads from other manufacturers that trawls of charity shops have thrown up.



These are my soft pastels, yes I am a completist in some things. And of course green gets its own box. Someday I have the luxury to just enjoy the colours they make for them selves and make some big images of pure colour!

But in the mean time there is absolutely no need to resort my threads ever again; I have a system now.