Pastel colours

by maggie

So I’ve got all these colours and I want to do something. Things have colour, but sometime it’s nice to just work with colour and see where it takes you.

I’ve got a tin of 36 pastel pencils. They are soft, not pale; well not all of them. So I was curious to see where the colours went.

Here is a selection, some compositions could be a elaborated, some are a fail.
There was some conscious choices: the red-blue thing is a long running interest and I could go on with greens for ever. There were lots of greys in the tin, so it became a bit of a chore to mix them after awhile.

And then my scanner seems to have developed fail. as it is eight years old old with most of my hard ware that’s no real surprise, just very very tedious as i was planning to spend a productive weekend catching up with my missing posts. So we have to put up with dodgy photos.

MER (28/04/14)