Introducing Geoff the Hippo

by maggie

For reasons best kept to myself at the moment, in the next month, I will be building a full size Hippopotamus. Here are the first steps towards that goal.

With out the wherewithal to make a day trip to whipsnade zoo I am having to rely on google images to understand how a Hippo is put together.

Here an example of the drawings. (And don’t for get to have a look at the skeleton while your are trying to work out proportions.)


Here’s some ID pics of Geoff #1 – his body is too short and his head is too big. Part of that problem is the core I built the plasticine around. And part is because it’s difficult to accept hippos are really that long.





And that’s the core I built him around.

So it’s back to the drawing board and Geoff#2 probably at 1:10 instead of 1:20.

Then it’s order the chicken wire and scaling up for Geoff#3.