Working without a work shop

by maggie

Geoff #3 is beginning to take shape. It’s been a steep learning curve. On reflection I think the most difficult thing has been the planning. We are working in a borrowed space and so everything has to be brought in. You don’t realise the variety of stuff one needs.

Here is Geoff#3’s upper body. You tell people the hippo will be 3 metres long, 1.5 metres high and over a metre wide. Then when they see it they can’t believe it.
My patron is looking forward towards his bosses realising what they have signed off on.

In the back ground you can see the boxes of tools and bags and rolls of materials.

Here’s a list of things we thought we needed.
Permanent markers A3 pad with sketches The Geoffs Modelling tools Plasticine Eyeballs Template masters Note book Inks Skin tests Brushes Apron Torch Scale rule Tin bowls Scalpels? Post it’s and labels Stencil paper for templates  Foam brushes House hold soap Ikea storage boxes Ikea paper Cutting board Camera Plant models Tennis balls Sticky tape Tailors chalk Tailors scissors T- square Tape measure Pliers Wire cutters Newspaper Tissues paper Tubing /foam tube Saws and saw blades
Brad awls Upholstery needles Apron Torch Brushes for glue/ paint Bucket String Hand drill Yellow dots Bias binding Random wire Foam for ears Bulldog clips Egg pieces Plastic sheeting Storeage boxes
 Plastic pots White under coat Tea bags/ coffee Nibbles
I think the only thing we didn’t have that would have been useful was packing tape to stick the plastic sheeting on the floor, oh and a wooden mallet to flatten the chicken wire. The most important things on the list are of course, coffee and nibbles. Taking breaks is important if you want to be able to work at your best all day.

If we had been at home we could have just raided the tool cupboard if we need anything. It’s always useful to have at least one cupboard like this.

From the 1:10 model we could take measurements to make the full size hippo. We drew a sketch on the sheets on the floor and made marks on the sheets of chicken wire. The chicken wire is shaped by deforming and squashing the individual hexagons. Once we have the correct shape it will be covered in paper mâché. This will increase its strengths and make it solid. Then we need to paint it hippo colour: pink and grey-green.

Making art is all about planning and process. It’s all very well having a great idea, but it’s only hard work that brings it to life. Team work, communication, setting goals and having no idea what you’re letting yourself in for.