Water plants: the Hippo’s environment

by maggie

As well as a Hippo I have been making some water plants to accompany big Geoff.
Water lettuce is a native of the waterways of Central Africa. Water hyacinth, however, is an invasive, introduced species. It does have pretty lavender flowers though.

The plants are made from felt and tennis balls. To make plants from 200 balls has required lots of drawing of shapes, cutting and sticking. Finally it involves some sewing with a really big needle.

Here is a table of water lettuce. They were made by two groups of junior school pupils in 1.5 hrs.




As you can see from the size of the needle, this isn’t really a PG production. I set up a little production line to run up 30 plants. You can just see the flower spike in the top of the last photo. Soon all the plants will be in flower.