On our way to Wimbledon

by maggie

My big hippo project over the last couple of months has been for Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum’s Community Art Project 2014. In case you are wondering – the project was about Tennis Balls. It turns out that all the balls used during Wimbledon fortnight weigh the same as an adult hippo. So it makes perfect sense to create Geoff#3 who is finally realised. Tomorrow his head will be off to join his body at Church Road and await for the the Championship to start.
He is quite excited and so am I.

It’s been an educational experience; with research in to tennis balls, hippos and water plants, planning, sourcing of materials, writing lesson plans and not least making.

You can find geoff#3 in the queue for the duration of the championships, the best time to see him is in the morning of course, as he gets a little grumpy by mid afternoon, and becomes even more protective of his hoard of tennis balls.


I’ll keep you up to date on all his adventures.