The queue and other English-isms

by maggie

This is going to be a post in progress, so bare with me please.
I’ve been doing some drawing while in sw19, which has been frequently interrupted by rain and following quaint local customs. But I’ll attempt to document my progress here.
The queue is a strange beast. While drawing people isn’t my strong point the shear inevitability of the event is awesome to behold. All those people standing complacently in line. Anyway, I thought I would make it an even more epic event than it is, with only a little exaggeration.

Crossing the church road bridge though the towering canopy of the sw19 cloud forest

The weary trail of travellers inches through the woodlands of Wimbledon park golf course.

Keep a look out for more adventures of the merry queue-ers and whether or not I can get the images to stay not blue.