Show your work

by maggie

Every week I try and have something nice and coherent to post here, which means that I don’t all ways manage to post something even though I have something planned. This week I am going to post the bits and pieces that I have gone so you can see what an mix and match my life is

I made a necklace to order to go with the bracelet I showed the other week.

I didn’t have all the same colours so it’s more on a theme of orange roses.

And here are some hippo sketches. Geoff Horatio hasn’t finished his adventures quite yet.




Well I’m back down to sw19 tomorrow so might get to do some more observational drawing in between watching people dressed in white do incomprehensible things.


Ps I don’t understand, I’ve edited all these images in iPhoto and the thumbnails looked okay at import but now they have reverted to their slightly gloomy aspect. Sorry

And here is another work in progress, don’t worry I haven’t looped all this since I posted earlier. There are about 60 bands on the strand and another 100 or so to go (out of approx 600). 60 bands will take about 1/4 hr.

I think I will add this to my multicoloured necklace when wearing as it is already showing signs of wear. And tear. Must wash it more often and find some proper fastenings so I don’t have to stretch it over my head. (Although it makes a very good hair band.)