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Talking not Doing

Month: August, 2014


So another bank holiday, another trip to the countryside. In the garden they have these huge yew hedges. They are certainly a challenge to draw. There is large pallet of greens and the volume aren’t quiet regular enough to be reliable.

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Maybe this is something i shoud have documented the other week, but i was too busy having fun (making messes). Here is some research and some more thoughts on the process of making pebble paper and what goes into a composition.

You also get a quick peek of the cactus – they have mainly survived the summer. Sorry it’s taken so long to post, but i’ve not really had my word head on the last couple of days. Read the rest of this entry »

In the pink


stones are small pieces of rock. they may be bigger than houses in some cases, but if they have fallen off a mountain then they are stones. stones come in a variety of sizes, some classify anything bigger than sand as gravel, others have a more nuanced gradation of descriptions.
Pebbles are between 4 and 64 mmm in diametre. Cobbles are between 64 and 256 mm in size. Boulders between 256 and 630 mm. large boulders are bigger. so while you can now pick out the correct stone in an identity parade, what is it that makes stones interesting to look at.
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