by maggie

So another bank holiday, another trip to the countryside. In the garden they have these huge yew hedges. They are certainly a challenge to draw. There is large pallet of greens and the volume aren’t quiet regular enough to be reliable.

Here’s the first sketch – working out where the problems are. imageIt’s a narrow path between a vertical yew hedge and a great big bulbous tree. I was sitting for all these attempts so my eye level, about four foot off the ground, is level with the bottom of the foliage. At the end of the left hand hedge was another at right angles – with a gate between. It wasn’t sunny but the light as okay (unlike Monday).

Here are two measured drawings, I was trying to get all the elements of the view situated. imageClose one eye and stick to it when measuring with your pencil. Comparing the two drawings you can see how towering the yew tree is. I could have touched it from my chair if I had tried. The false horizon of its summit is probably high that in the right had drawing, but I suspect I automatically shortened it to fit on the page.

Now here are two digital sketches. The colours drive me mad in this app, because you can’t save them in the free version.
The colours aren’t too bad in the first one, but the yew tree is too far back in the picture plan, it needs to be bursting out of the frame. I think this is because the curved marks that indicate volume are too tight so it makes it look as if you can see all of the tree.

I think the second sketch is more successful. You can see more of the left hedge, which balances up seeing the tree right in front of your nose.
There is a middle sketch with many of the mistakes of the first but none of its merits. I built up the images by laying down a background colour and drawing in the main constituents of the compositor. The I laid in flat colours for the different elements starting from the sky in the back ground and working forward. In RL there is a tree behind the perpendicular hedge but I don’t think anyone will miss it.


I’ve also been working on my pebble papers and filling up the Pink Stone book (to be added to the post in time). Lots of things to think about and plan for.

I will actually try a analog version of this view and one of last years hedge with cupolas, which it drew again at the week end