Hodge Podge – 4

by maggie

Well I was so busy running around and waiting in the queue at the bank I didn’t post this on time.

so I’ve been doing a little bit of everything. here is a picture of a chair to start with.

or rather here is the silhouette of a chair

or rather here is the silhouette of a chair

i’ve been planning loom bands projects, some kind of big necklace thing. different kinds different styles. black lacy goth loom bands!

we have been digging up shrubs from the front garden. that thing when you wait a while after moving into a new place before attacking the plant life. three years is an okay time? well we already took out one lot of  shrubs before this and the growing area is only about 15 foot square. i think the plan is for more Canadian poppies and snap dragons and other endemic plants of the neighbourhood.

I am still distressing bits of paper. but now i am cutting them up too in a vain attempt to make my own beach. A short stretch of Chesil perhaps? I have plans for finished works, but… i thought i’d go and find out how much mounting and framing would be before i launched into some grand series. £250 for some thing frame sized 150 x 50 ish! cough! maybe i need to sell some small things before i can launch something like this on my public. of course you can get A1 sized frames for not much if I want to work those proportions.

any way thats what i’ve been doing (oh how could i forget I’ve started on this years xmas cards, once out of the way I don’t have to think about them – total reversal of last year)

picnic by the river at the weekend, might get some drawing done…