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Month: October, 2014

Shiny new toy — Sprang

So a few weeks ago I went to a conference on Early Textiles which I will write about at some point. A few of the talks were about Sprang.

What is Sprang? I hear you cry.
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Here is a picture of a cat; that’s what the interwebs are for, aren’t they?

So after my last post 07/10, I had a really busy week and came down with the regular autumn cold. I still haven’t processed all of my busy-ness, sent emails or caught up with myself.
So here’s my assistant also having an off day

We are also in negotiations with BT about the on going state of the interweb, which is fun…

So hopefully by next week some sort of normal service will resume and maybe some sort of thoughts will be committed to ‘paper’. For your delectation.

But perhaps not as I am cat sitting which means no more that four hours sleep at a one time.


Pretty Patterns

Recently I had a look at ‘A Map of Hyper Space’ whicht has rather fallen behind with all the other grand projects I have in hand. The design process is all set up now, with a good supply of colours and a big pile of geometric patterns. Theoretically I could draw out the whole Map on graph paper and then read off the chart as all the patterns used on the map at counted. But that would be the heat death of the universe in terms of creativity.

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You should never let me near small multi-colour plastic products.

imageI’ve had these melty beads a lot longer than the loom bands, but it’s only resently I got the iron out. Read the rest of this entry »