You should never let me near small multi-colour plastic products.

by maggie

imageI’ve had these melty beads a lot longer than the loom bands, but it’s only resently I got the iron out.

You arrange the beads on a peg board and then you iron them on wool setting, which softens the plastic and melds them together.


Here are some I melted earlier.image

The leg less patchwork elephant in the middle was the first test piece. Ironed so well that the holes have all vanished.

The regularity¬†of the pegs suggested regular forms – I’m not sure where the labyrinths came from but they seemed like a good idea. The big one on the left is disappointing difficult to read; but as first steps it’s okay. It was difficult to read on the board but I put that down to the pegs and shadows. The plastic obviously gets hot when you’re ironing it and it’s ma liable – I’m wondering if it can be bent into other shapes then flat…

Oh plans in my head

the stars are for a solstice present. I am going to make six stars. So that’s why I’m sorting though the pile of ¬†beads.


i haven’t abandoned the loom bands. I’ll post more pictures as I finish projects and work out what to do with all my eye watering neon pink bands.