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Month: December, 2014

*** is in the details

Over the last couple of months I’ve posted about lots of different projects, not all of them finished on publication. They aren’t abandoned; they’re maturing. Often I’ve run into problems and hitches that I need to sort out before I can proceed. Today I want to talk to about addressing some of my pebble problems. Read the rest of this entry »


Seasons Greetings


Best Wishes at this Festive Time and Good Cheer for the coming Year


That degree in engineering was useful for something…

This year I finally succumbed to an ikea pepparkaka hus. Of course it was never going to be sufficient to cover the thing with smarties so I got some extra gingerbread dough for home improvements. Here’s the finished home.

Holly Cottage

Holly Cottage

Below you can follow the construction which satisfied my inner Engineer and QS.

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Winter warmer


Now that the frosts are here I have unpacked my winter hats. This one is black felt for serious walking in the foul weather. I felt it needed some decoration so that I don’t take myself too seriously. Loom bands seemed the perfect weather proof addition.

This week I have also built a Christmas cake ( it took several days ), mended the lock on the front door and finished off this years Christmas cards. Now to take out a small mortgage to pay for stamps.

Wishing you the best of the season.


Mourning jewelery


It’s handy being practical sometimes. You can russel up things when you need them.

I think I’m begging to get the hang of necklaces. Next time start the supplementary strings nearer the centre. So these isn’t too much at the back of the neck. But these band pieces are always going to be a bit strange as they have very little weight. They don’t hang right and wiggle all over the place. Also take care there are no mistaken twists…