A finished Piece

by maggie

"Walk" 30 x 100 cm mixed media

30 x 100 cm
mixed media

So I’ve had actually managed to finish something to my satisfaction. It didn’t turn out quite as I imagined, but then I was trying to recreate an impression rather than something I saw.

I’ve probably talked about the sandy paths in the park with their embedded pebbles. Here in the picture they are much more organised and tidy, and lead you onwards.

I have hundreds of prepared paper pebbles. Over the holidays I tried the random approach.


And discovered it only really works for nature. Or it at least need a lot more manipulation than I was prepared to sit through at the time.

So I sorted all the small paper pebbles and eliminated the brightly coloured ones and piled all the rest by colour on the canvas.




The varied appearances come from different types of paper and application of decoration. Sorting them gave ideas for composition and which pebbles need to be eliminated from the final image (like the pale greys on the lower image). I decided on dark ones in the centre early on.





And then it’s just a case of  laboriously laying out and tidying away and till you get something you like the look of. You hope that the cats don’t walk all over it. Then you gird your loins and set to work glueing them all down. The pebbles on card needed their edges darkening and some needed to be trimmed.

On the first afternoon it took 3/4 hr to do about 20cm. The next afternoon I got bored about 1/2 way in. I soldiered on, because if I didn’t finish it then I’d never would.

I feel more confident about this process now. And thinking about the next big picture.

oooo… tasteful

oooo… tasteful