A desiccated corpse

by maggie

There actually is a picture of said corpse below the fold. You have been warned.

This post should probably have been called ‘uses for that engineering degree part ii’, but a bit of mummification is better click bait.

So in real life we are getting a new shed type object for the garden. Which will involve a lots of doing now the talking part has taken place.The current shed which is approximately… a shed, is 4.5 x 2m and it is insane. It doesn’t have a rear wall so it keeps out the rain, but not the damp. The front wall over hangs by 0.3m. it’s main ‘structurel’ members are random bits of timber nailed together and whole thing was held together by five corrugated asbestos cement roof panels (until I took them off).

Getting rid of the roof panels hopefully won’t be as Kafkaesque as I anticipate. I’ve phoned the hazardous waste team. They’ll send the paperwork, (second class) it gets countersigned with proof of address and sent back and then they put you on the list for the contractors for pick up (as long as what you have is what’s on the form. I totally understand the precautions here – a family friend died of cancer related to asbestos a few years ago. Until now we were happy to let the  moss eat it’s way through the panels, but the whole edifice has to go. Hopeful this will happen before the timber for the new shed arrives in April…

Therefore on Wednesday i spent the most of day kneeling on a rickety structure sawing the heads off rusty bolts in dust mask, goggles and gloves. I can’t really breathe through my nose at the moment, so the goggles would steam up almost immediately and everything disappeared into a thick fog. We all know personal safety equipment is only as affective as it is useful…

We also wrapped up each panel in plastic sheeting ready for disposal. I hate duck tape (or maybe it hates me).

I found Squirel Nutkin under the fourth panel. My little helper, had already tried to squeeze into the 4inch gap between the panels and rest of the roof to investigate a smell, so I was glad this is all I found (apart from loads of snail shells. Those guys are really dumb.).

So if I’m light on posting in the next month or so it due to the Shed. We also need to clear the garden, put up temporary storage for the content of the shed, empty the shed, demolish shed, ensure space in garden for new shed timbers etc., prepare the ground, lay foundation, treat some of the timbers that won’t be easy to access later, construct shed, roof it and finish treating it; install shelves, replace contents of shed, move stuff out of house into shed, move stuff out of storage into shed, have shed warming party; lie down.


Unless I feel particularly motivated I will post updates to the Shed epic here rather than post specific Shed posts. i’m not planning for it to take over my life. Or for it to get it’s own category. x

desiccated squire corpse

.After a bit of comparative anatomy off of the internets, we decided that it was a squirrel rather than any other averrable rodent What do you think? answers on a post card. I have no idea how long he was there years or decades, judging by the condition of the shed’s roof. The bin men will take him away soon anyway. (tail was dislocated when moved)