by maggie

Sometimes I know I get a bit over conscious of what every I’m trying to do. Over thinking things and what not. So while feeding my loom band habit I grabbed a £5 mega craft jar and decided to get stuck in.Because one of the things I’m not good at planning is taking pictures of processes you’ll just have take my word for the contents:-

paper, crepe, paper, shredded paper, goggly eyes (always creepy), pipe cleaners, pompoms, lolly sticks, sequins, beads, jewels, foam letters and flowers, glitter, glue and scissors.

The 100% plastic scissors work surprisingly well.

I’m making creatures. It isn’t a race and it doesn’t matter how they come out. That’s the whole point. Spontaneous creation.

the start of the crowd

the start of the crowd

As long as I don’t get too set on sorting the sequins into; hearts, stars, circles, nature, letters and occasions. They are meant to be fun. When it starts to get a bit intense you can stop and tidy the bits away and come back later (or ceremonially destroy the finished product).