by maggie

The other day we went to see the Eric Ravilious at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

I wanted to write something substantial for this but words fail me. Here’s a review from the guardian.

My dad liked ravilious and somewhere we have the catalogue from the imperial war museum exhibition. Personally i’ve always found his distinctive water colour style rather a barrier to full engagement.There is so much light in a composition it brings everything to the front, even though he can’t do foregrounds for toffee.

However looking at the Ravilious en mass over his career allowed me to see beyond the paint technique to the subject matter and the composition. I rather liked the odd geometries and the curious juxtaposing of everyday objects.

I wonder what would have happened if he had survived the trip to Iceland…


it’s all grist to the mill though. In between pebbles, loom bands and vertical banding i’m also thinking about suburban landscaping and architecture and how we live in it. Ravilious’ work enables a freer interpretation on possible subject matter.

the view from the window – abbreviated perspectives and paraphernalia