by maggie

Okay there’s this whole thing about the difference between monotypes and monoprints. It’s a relatively new thing. Here’s the difference: monotypes are prints of blank plates where the ink has been mucked around with to make the image, and mono prints are the ink on a plate with an existing image is modified.

Here are some of both techniques from this half term.


This is simply the print of an inked plate that has been sprayed with solvent. The liquid ink has been blotted away to expose the bare plate. I was hoping to learn a technique to produce a permanent version of this spontaneous effect



this image is a collage of monotype techniques: there’s dissolved areas, masked areas of torn paper (in white) and the pebble shapes are pre-used masks with ink on them.



This is a ghost print of loom bands. That is the ink left on the plate after it has gone though the press once. the loom bands stretch under the pressure on the plate and leave a residue.



This is a ghost print of a piece of loom band “knitting”. The plastic was inked up along with the plate. Most of the plate ink has come off with the first print, and the plastic has stretched as it when through the press to twice the size.

I printed many monotypes in my previous incarnation of as a print student. It would be nice to be able to reproduce the effects more predictably. More to think on and experiment with.