Star Charts

by maggie

A few weeks previously to the homework being set this was brought home.


paper toy from Muji constructed from pieces of card which slot together

Once the little pieces had been pressed out the remaining cards had a fascinating patterns. I knew they would be good for somethings.
The house has decades of art class detritus lying around including tons of mount board to stick things too. So I carefully pealed off the surface of the card and stuck them down. But what were they? They looked I thought like some kind of space thing – charts or cockpit observations…

I added stickers and Carborundum (CaSi) and tape and more stuff; basically the whole kitchen sink.


Collagraph plate made from papers, tapes and stickers and CaSi –  starchart #1 aprox size 350 x 450 mm

I wanted to to make an image that was in an unknown language (a legend, symbols, organisation) yet was recognisable enough to be something you’d recognise but not understand.

Then I made another one…


starchart #2 (this one has sequins as well and was a pain to stick down)

These are big plates. Which means lots of details that take a while to ink up. We students had access to multiple colours so it was useful to see how colours mixed on the plate.


there is blue green, red, black and silver on this plate! its the silver that makes it a bit blurred.

The second plate is printed in Prussian blue.


image works better in one colour doesn’t it – might add spot colours to a later version


Its interesting to see how the various elements on the plate reproduce. And how the application of button polish affects stickers and tape. Something to bear in mind for later starcharts.