End of Term

by maggie


This 1/2 term ended on a much more satisfactory note with plenty to be getting on with next year. In class we covered techniques that I haven’t discussed in my previous posts.

Relief Printing, where you ink up only the surface of the plate, is different from all the other types of printing taught in class. You can see some of the prints I made in this post. I’ll probably use this technique in the future as part of the starchart series. I think that some prints will be made up with more than one plate. Or I can relief print elements and chine collé them to a bigger print.

Like wise Photo-etching, a technique using elements from photography to transfer an image on acetate onto a specially prepared metal plate. You can either draw/paint directly on to acetate to expose solid areas on the plate or use Photoshop to add noise and produce an aquatint effect. Yet something else to add to my repertoire.

I always knew this term would be a beginning. I was concerned that i wouldn’t find a path to take. I have. Next is the long slog middle. I’m looking forward to it.

much more to come promise