What next?

by maggie

As this is being posted hopefully I will be printing the plates shown below for the first time. students have been allowed an all day open workshop at the college today Yes there are five plates. However the three plates with two samurai cards on them are only A4 sized. Those and the big one #3 are made with the middle of the samurai  cards and I expect them to print dark. #7 is made up of hundreds of tiny cards that mark hanging files. I expect lots of cursing as I ink it up as corners keep lifting

First of all I plan to print some blind embossed. In the past I have successfully relief inked embossed papers for a different take on the image.
Then I’m planning some straightforward artist proofs and then maybe if there’s time throw in a it of chin colle.

I’ve been enthusiastic about making more plates since I made #1 & 2. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to print them. If I don’t get to print them they’ll hang over me all winter break and I have other work to be getting on with then.

Hopefully prints produced today will give me a clearer idea about were this project is heading as well as how various materials respond to the press.

startchart#3 – just a little bigger than #1, with less dohickeys so far


starchart#7 – if #1-6 are regional maps then this one is of the whole caboodle



starchart#6 – theses are less baroque, but I’ve stuck papers and tapes under the samurai cards which is a new development.








I’ll post images of the prints when I get back