AutoPrint – Flowers

by maggie


I’ve always had a soft spot for a certain kind of genre painting but  these little drawings are more than imitation.
One of the the print tutors at Morley college has set a project to:

Make artwork using unconventional, found materials that work as a ‘natural’ printing blocks or plates… Think how you can give new meaning and purpose to something that was never meant to take ink.

After a few false starts, (loom band monotypes) I came across these sticky backed foam shapes. Some of the foam pieces are quiet specific – the Cow Girl Princess set has saddles and wheel barrows… many of them are equally generic and make good flowers.


flowers composed of elements (hats, hearts and cotton candy) and a selection of supplied flowers from various packs

The scale of these is flower motives can be quite generous so I started composing in A1 size.

trial composition: framing square 43cm

trial composition: framing square 43cm

I realised quickly that this was going to be a serious undertaking. Various plates for background, image and highlights, have to be built up in multiple colours. Not all the stickers are the same thickness – so which press is the best one to use. Perhaps I should start with something less ambitious.


Originally there was a design for a square image with lots of white space for the press to do multi-plate printing. But then I saw that the big bouquet needed more vertical space. The little stamp might end up being my brothers version of the anemone.

The Anenome is a recurring image in the family gallery. I love the fiddly foliage and bold flowers.

screen print

A forty year old screen print of my Dad’s. his other work with this flower, if more period, are more concrete.

A little lino cut. I've no idea where the plate is or even if it's meant to be an Anemone… So it goes.

A little lino cut of my brother’s. I’ve no idea where the plate is or even if it’s meant to be an Anemone… So it goes.

My version of this flower may well end up being made from clouds, grass and the odd lasso, with castles for the vase.

I’ll keep you posted


Update: early February 

I wasn’t happy with my draft composition of anemones. The cloud flowers weren’t working.

So when I get round to relief printing I think I’ll stick to cartoon flowers as a way to explore the process for making my big bouquet.