Samples 2 – Corrugations

by maggie

Commuting back and forth to town you drink a lot of take away coffee. When your eyes are opened to the mark making potential of everything around you, you can’t throw all that interesting card away. You can see some of these cards in Starcharts #4 – 6.

Here’s a construction made from the pieces cut off the curved cards to make them orthogonal. I was interested in how the cut ends of the ripples would but up against each other.


it looks like I should have made more of an effort to get ink in the horizontals. oops

The image is heavily embossed. But you can also see than some wrinkles have been flattened more than others. It was quite difficult to work the ink into the bottom of the corrugations so I made a decision about ink levels and wiping.

I produced a ghost print, which wasn’t much lighter due to excess ink and then over printed it with an orange mono print. This left a mark on the monoprint plate which I then printed. (ears bleeding yet?)


Maybe this is a lost piece of the puzzle. To add to the Crackle gel medium plates…

We shall see