Samples 3 – Origami

by maggie

Intaglio printing is all about subtle changes in hight within the plate were you can trap ink. Some origami forms have a great variation in the number of layers across the finished piece. The experiment I did here was with the Pinwheel tessellation. (not technically origami as you have to cut the paper to get the effect.) Looking for a link for you I’ve discovered lots of different Pinwheels so… confusion.


On the left is a single windmill on a heavier weight paper. On the right is 4 x 4 windmills on a lighter weight paper. I covered the folding with sick backed plastic. It stops the flaps from getting caught during wiping. You have to be very gentle when you wipe or everything comes off. I printed one plate after the other so that the images over lap. I’m not sure what the circular marks are on the right hand image. Maybe they are air bubbles.


Here is a middle sized version: 4 pinwheels.

And some more corrugations, the variation in tones is due to the irregular inking and in the way that the corrugations have been flattened.