More proof

by maggie

So about a month ago I posted about reworking some of my star chart plates. Here are some images of the results with added chine collé. I’ve also got some work up for the next few weeks at Morley College. Thanks for stopping by if you’ve already seen those prints.


This is #3 Starchart. The orange areas are chin collé from this set of experiments. The paper already had a vague mono print on it from years ago, which while a cunning idea hasn’t really contributed over all. I added extra dots and things, but they haven’t wiped as clean as I would have liked, more work to be done.


This is #1 star chart. Haven’t altered the plate, but I did print it with a preprinted chin collé. The paper came with creases in it, so the orange mono print didn’t cover the areas under the fold. When glue was applied the paper relaxed, got bigger and showed the unprinted areas.

I’ll add more proofs and they are produced and I manage to record them.