Are we ready for editioning?

by maggie

Here are two # Starchart prints with colour and chine colé. Which leads into a Project for over the summer: decide what plates in which combination to print.


# starchart 2 with chin collé


# starchart 7 with chine collé and a la poupée* colour

I guess an edition is meant to be a set of identical prints for sale. But I don’t think I could do that with out driving my self mad. Not least because of the fragile nature of the plates. I suppose that i’m also ever curious about what different things would look like.

I’m going to be putting the # starcharts on hold for the summer term and I have a lot to think about for this project.


*al a poupée – a technique where ink is applied to only specific parts of the plate. In the second image orange ink was applied and wiped in the cloud area. Then the after wiping the rest of the plate (of soft black) a yellow inked scrim was run over parts of the plate.