Another bunch?

by maggie

More foam, more flowers? So what did we learn from the last experiment. Don’t be too ambitious…


Maybe, maybe not. I want a huge statement bunch, like this lot. Both these image  are A3. There are mainly made up from a set of foam stickers that I call ‘Rhinestone Cowgirl’, but is in fact ‘Giddyup’ from ???. I haven’t found a use for , wheelbarrows, saddles, boots, hay bails, clouds, horse jumps, sheriff badges, carrots or stetsons yet. I’m not giving up.

Maybe I should work on something smaller, with less potential for multicolour.


Phase One: the flowers… something not to hypnotic and whirling. Here are the larger rosettes from the first images and a whole lot of horses tails. They are going to become cornflowers.


I made the vase first. Now I have to work out how to make the leaves.

Cornflowers is a much smaller image than Rhinestones. In the photos you can see me composing against a sheet of yellow A4 paper. the central are where the vase sits is A5. I think the leaves and flowers are going to burst out of this area which will be shadowed.
Apparently cornflower leaves are lanceolate. I chose then to cut up the lucky horseshoes to make leaves rather than use any of the other shaped stickers available.

The white triangles in the vase are from the insides of the horse jumps, or some kind of wonky fence anyway.

When term starts again I will  take proofs of the finished blocks and also off set print both onto a bit of ‘Funky Foam’. I can use this to cut away areas I want highlit.