by maggie

After some consideration I decided that the huge dutch flower painting style would probably be a bit too ambitious for the time scheme and decided to work with some of the rejected elements to make a little posy A4/5 size.


Here we have rosettes and horses tails spinning hypnotically 

First of all I was going to make some sunflowers, but they were just too acid trip. So it was more a case of casting around for a flower that fit the materials. In the end cornflowers seemed the most suitable.

Unfortunately they have lanceolate leaves (long and pointy), but I didn’t have anything that fit that description in my Rhinestone Cowgirl collection.


In the end I used the horseshoes for leaves, cutting them so they straightened out. Still looking for a use for some of the other shapes…

In this photo you can see the vase I made first, which is build up of all the waste bits and pieces from other shapes.

I planned on making a shadowed background for the flowers, leaves and vase. The size is marked out on the yellow page in green. But until I proof the blocks I can’t get the image onto the foam sheet i want to use.

As well as using up the horsey stickers I also found some animal ones in HEMA. They just had to get assembled into another big bunch of flowers.


Well what else are you meant to do with cats, dogs, elephants, hedgehogs, giraffes, bunnies, lions, snakes and crocodiles? I kept finding errant crocs all over the studio for weeks