Some proofs of plates

by maggie

it took a while to sort out the pressure on the letterpress – the hazard of working with squashy materials. I used red for most of the proofs, because black is boring and the blue ink gets everywhere.


It’s only after I printed all these that I realised that the stars completely coverthe dolphin’s heads. Blast. Lots more to do no doubt

I’ll have another go at straighting these up when I aquire an image of the HEMA flrs.


red cornflrs anyone?

there are just enough images of the process to document it, most got turned into finished images if a little wonky.

First I printed all the separate blocks onto paper to see how they looked. Then I offset* print ed the flowers and the vase/leaves onto another piece of  foam which I would cut into to make the shadows. *offset I printed onto paper first, then onto the foam, so that it would be the same way around as the block.


Vse/leaves and blue flrs. I’ve cut into the centre of the flrs. Not sure of the neat blue. Yellow is 10Y:1B. Not sure what to think about leaves showing though flrs either.


Ink for shadow 1Blue:1Violet, printed over orignal proof of flrs. still working on my compliacted registration system, haven’t worked out that transparent plates are see through! Used knife to cut foam shadow.


More terrible regestration. More shadow over orignal proof. How do colours work? not

It takes about a week for the ink to dry on the paper between printings. I started off with six nice sheets of paper which I printed up with the shadow. In the following week and a half, I lost one sheet and printed up the other two blocks. I mixed up a new green using the blue/violet ink and lots of yellow. For the flowers themselves I used the original blue with some white mixed in.