Two colours – b/r

by maggie

Here are some of the Blue/red prints with two colours on them. I finally got to try out some disrupted grounds (which will be plates 9 – 12). So I’ll try to explain how that one works when we get to it.


Plate 1: the field is purposefully badly applied relief ink. I used the cleaning oil to reserve the area around the red swirl. In a kind of bastard version of viscosity printing.


I used a second plate to get the red strike here. A vey light weight drypoint card which didn’t stay still, hence the dodgy registration. Gentler wiping also means more tone in the field.



Plate 9 or 12. The technique to get this finish was using touche, lithography ink, resolved in water. the red ink was applied with a tiny cloth and the wiping was done very carefully.

I hope to have more news about plates 9-12 once i have covered them with gunk and dunked them in very week acid.