Spring Green – An idea

by maggie

The next six weeks of Morley college are – making a suite of dry point prints. And it’s time to be getting back to some representational drawing so i’ve been casting around for some inspiration.

When I bought the inks for Blue/Red I also purchased a tin of Spring Green, perhaps my favourite colour. (If a little in your face after awhile.)

And it is spring. And there are green things springing up all over.

Perhaps it’s time to stop and stare; and draw…

I also got hold of some drypoint paper, which is thin card with a plastic face – bit delicate and all. But more experiment will show how it holds up to my sort of work.

To begin – in no particular order


I drew this second, but printed it first. Bonsai trees are a familiar motive and I drew straight onto the car with an etching needle. Then it was well wiped to get the plate tone off. On a polycarbonate plate the tone would print


But it didn’t with the paper plate; in fact hardly anything printed at all. this was the best I could do with the scan of a tentative print.


I drew this plate first, initially with biro and then with the needle and lifted some parts of the plastic to get a flat tone. As you can see I left much more plate tone, having learnt from the Bonsai plate


As you can see, much better depth of colour. However, you can see were i failed to go over the drawn lines with the needle (about half way up the left(the biro still makes a faint mark)). This was a quick sketch of a sprig of blueberry bush. The needle doesn’t like some curves so you have to take care there.

It’s a start. You might find me wandering the nighbourhood sketching the weeds in pavement cracks, or staring at trees.