Spring Green – preliminary work

by maggie

So I had the first idea for a suite of plates: Green ink and plants. But what kind of plants and what kind of drawing? Here are some prints investigating the tools of dry point and the subject matter.

First off a dandelion leaf. I like drawing them they are very sculptural. Even if the plants themselves are very irritating.


Dandelion leaf, line drawing

This image is much bigger than the print, so you can see how I worked the plate with various scraping tools to get depth of colour. The green ink is rather bright so it’s going to be hard work forming shadows. I think I’ll just have to work with ‘over exposed’ images.


seedling, tonal investigation

This isn’t technically dry point, but it is on dry point card. Brown ink on green paper (chine collé FAIL). The tonal variation is achieved by removing the surface of the card. The scanner cut off the bottom of the image, all the soil…


Refurbishing the Yew Hedge

This cacti was drawn with a needle. Tone was added with a wider scratchy tool, highlights with a burnisher. The dark rectangle is sparkly tape.


cacti and shadow…

greenp2 This is a very quick drawing from life. Convolvulus in a hedge, green on green. Maybe it could be printed dark ink on green paper. Maybe, maybe… One thing working on clear polycarbonate is you can look through the plate at what you are drawing.

Hopefully we are off to a good start, lets see where we get too.