by maggie

I did a short summer course at Morley. We learnt the basics of Japanese Woodcut Printing. ‘Kitchen garden Hedge’ is made up from three plates; blue yellow and red.

We had eight pieces of wabi to print on, using watercolour (or gouache). because this is an actual place, I would get confused with the reverse image on the block. Also some the prints the ink comes through the paper. With the gouache I printed the yellow last after the red and blue, the opposite of what you do with water colour.

The first two are, gouache, bengal rose, cerulean and primary yellow. In the next to I added  burnt sienna to the rose. (and green watercolour for yellow when i printed it wrong. The next two are watercolour with more liberal colour application. the last two are gouache again with cadmium yellow.

This is just the beginning of something that’s fascinating i’m sure. Lots of possibilities and variables to play with. Here comes the summer